our mission

Our mission at Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre is to provide a high level of quality care while implementing activities that are enriching & educational in a safe & warm environment. It is our goal to provide a program that meets your child's social, physical, intellectual, cognitive & emotional developmental needs. 


At Bright Beginnings Early Learning Centre we strongly believe that quality care facilitates healthy growth and development. We strive to give your children the best care possible outside of your home to give you a peace of mind. We believe in providing a warm environment that is secure, caring, loving & nurturing. 

We believe that all children are different & unique in their own ways & we accept as well as encourages children to express their full potential in all aspects of their development. We are inclusive of all & are dedicated to meeting your child's needs. 

We believe that children learn best through play & hands on experiences. Our purpose is to provide your child various hands on learning experiences & activities to create a sense of wonder, curiosity & excitement to learn & expand their knowledge about their community & the world. We offer a balanced program that encourages positive social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, self-concept growth & development. 

We encourage & support child-initiated activities which enable children to share feelings, emotions & ideas with others & give each child a sense of self-worth.

We provide a variety of multi-sensory & differentiated teacher-directed activities to provide the children with information & experiences which will enable all children to become successful & enthusiastic learners.

We provide opportunities for children to learn values; to respect friends & teachers, to work cooperatively, to learn to make good choices & to be kind, self-disciplined and responsible.

At Bright Beginnings, we treat your child as if they are ours, your child will be safe & cared for in every way.